Apsithia – SOLD!

Apsithia* is a stylishly furnished property on the second level of the Spezzie neighborhood. Built over three levels, it was designed to maximize functional space and comfort and boasts infinity views over the sea. Accommodation comprises four double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, one extra single bedroom with guest toilet. The ground floor level offers a large sunny sitting room with a dining area and a spacious kitchen. The lower level offers a cozy hobby room with its own kitchenette. Apsithia has been fully furnished and decorated as a show house. Thought in every detail, the pool area was designed to overlook and embrace the unique breathtaking views over the island, the sea and the Peloponnese.

*Apsithia comes from Ancient Greek "áψíνθιον" (apsinthion), more commonly known today as absinth. The beliefs surrounding this plant are founded upon the association between the herb and Artemis-goddess of the hunt, and protector of the forest and children.

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