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  • Strofili ground floor layout
  • Strofili lower floor layout
 Strophyli* is located on the second level of the development. Offering very comfortable and functional indoor and outdoor living space, Strophyli is ideal for large families and many guests. Living space comprises five double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, one extra single bedroom and guest toilet. The sitting room has the particularity of having an impressively high ceiling where an extra lounge or office was built on its own floor. The kitchen and dining area are spacious and connected to the elegantly covered veranda. On the lower floor a hobby room, kitchenette and storage room or laundry room provide extra comfort and functionality.

Ask us about the weekly rental rates or sales price.

*Strophyli is commonly used in cooking. The seeds are used in the preparation of pickles and curry powders. The young leaves and sprouts can be eaten as fresh greens or dried with a bitter taste and a strong characteristic aroma.

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