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  • Throubi lower floor layout
  • Throubi ground floor layout

Traditional style and feeling of luxury are the characteristics of Throumbi*, a beautiful three-level house. Ideal for large parties, living space comprises five large bedrooms with en suite bathroom. The kitchen, the living room and the dining area are directly linked to the elegant covered veranda and offer unique views of the garden, swimming pool and Saronic Gulf. The particularity of this house is the impressively high ceiling of the living room in which is nested a cozy living space located on its own floor. This private and relaxing extra room can be turned into a lounge or office space. On the lower level, a hobby room along with a kitchenette and storage or laundry room maximize functionality and comfort.

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*Throumbi is a very popular aromatic plant in Spetses, related to oregano and thyme. It is commonly used in cooking for its mediterranean taste but can also be used for medical purposes as has been the case since Greek antiquity.

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