Services and FAQ

Moving around the island

Distances are short on Spetses especially if you are staying close to Dapia. A scooter will bring everything even closer but one can also opt for a bicycle or even an electric car. Taxis are available as are the characteristic horse drawn carts on the island. Don't forget that you can also move around on a boat (taxi or caique)! The use of private cars is generally forbidden

Dining out

There is a multitude of restaurants and tavernas on the island and they cater to almost all needs and wants. Kids will enjoy the options at the Roloi square whilst parents on the other hand should book at Tarsanas and at the Poseidonion.



The Spezzie Villas are located in the quiet and peaceful residential neighborhood of Kasteli, just above the bustling port of Dapia. Vila Piou is located in the heart of the old port (Palio Limani).

Check-in Check-out

Our check-in time is at 15:00 and check-out time at 12:00. Depending on availability we can of course offer an early check-in or late check-out which will have to be confirmed in writing from us.


Given the cosmopolitan nature of the island, there are sufficient safety and emergency resources available on Spetses: police, coast guard, life guards on organized beaches, doctors and fire-brigade. In any emergency situation please remember to dial 112 - the new European number for emergencies.